What You Don’t Know About Structural Steel

January 7th, 2020

If you think that everything made of steel has utilized the same kind of steel for that particular production process, then you might be wrong! There is regular steel, and there is structural steel, both functioning in two very different ways. Structural steel is fabricated to use in small to big scale construction projects with relatively high durability. Structural steel forms the backbone for every construction project, especially the ones that require extremely tall and durable structures. It is a form of mild steel that has numerous sturdy features that are capable of beating off any mildness in the overall construction. Structural steel is a product that the contractors, architects and designers are amazed to work with due to its tremendous exposure and availability under dire conditions. However, there are numerous other things which you should be aware of, regarding structural steel so you can recommend your designers and architects to implement in your next big project!

Structural Steel is Stronger than Normal Steel

Just like every other steel type, the basic configuration and components of structural steel are iron and carbon. However, additionally, it is combined with some more alloys such as manganese, which improves the machinability and binding power of steel. The presence of manganese helps prevent cracking or splitting of the steel during the rolling process, which further strengthens it to withstand strong welding during the crucial construction process. The ratio of carbon in the making of steel is critical to balance as required by the finished product, to bring out its ductile nature.

Structural Steel Can Be Developed Into Any Shape

Structural steel is more ductile as compared to mild steel. The appropriate balance and proportions of carbon content increase the steel’s ductility, malleability, and weldability. Due to constant upgrades in these features, structural steel has evolved as one of the most ductile construction products. These features make it possible for the steel to develop into any desired shape resulting in the creation of some exceptional and intricate architectural creations. The carbon ratio is an essential aspect for it to be developed into any form.

Structural Steel is a More Preferred Option for Construction

There were times when steel was extremely underrated when construction was the concern. The contractors, architectures and designers, everyone had recommendations where concrete topped the list almost every time. Concrete is a conventional material that was always preferred majorly compared to steel and every other component because of its strength and durability. However, structural steel has over the years, slowly gained momentum due to its better flexibility, good expanse, better durability, moist resistance and less constructing time. Today, structural steel is also readily available. It is produced in huge numbers which also makes it possible for the steel fabrication companies to fabricate steel according to the requirements of their clients with keeping their budget into consideration.

Structural Steel Helps to Maintain the Inside Temperature

People very popularly claim that steel is inefficient in maintaining the inside temperature. If you have steel installed in your construction, then the temperature is something that will always bother you. However, what people forget almost every time is that any metal, including structural steel, needs to be insulated for it to be able to maintain temperature fluctuations. Insulation not only prevents the steel from maintaining inside temperature but is also helpful to avoid any cracks or splits due to extreme weather conditions. One more aspect of why steel is capable of maintaining inside temperature is because it expands less as compared to the other traditional construction materials available easily in the market. Steel can withstand extreme weather conditions as compared to other metal structures.

Structural Steel is Environmentally Beneficial

Steel is a boon in the world of increasing waste that is accumulating every day only to worsen the environmental conditions. Our environment is on the edge of a downfall with the non-renewable sources coming to an end and the renewable ones still not gaining much momentum. In this entire process of downfall, construction is something that can contribute to ending or slowing down this environmental trauma. Steel is recyclable and flexible material to work with. Steel has some unique metallurgic properties which prevent it from degrading over time. This makes it possible for the steel to be melted down and recycled for other purposes without harming the environment. Do you think that the water that is used for steel production is contaminated and cannot be reused? So, the fact is that this water can be extracted and cleared with the help of a unique filtration process which makes almost 98% of the water reusable. Do you still doubt the capabilities of steel?

Structural Steel is Safe in Numerous Aspects

Structural Steel can be safeguarded in various ways and is the best way to be safe from any smallest or big hazards from taking place. Structural steel can be effectively fireproofed with the help of a fire-resistant coating to safeguard it from losing its integrity and strength from little to a massive fire. If you want to prevent the construction from eroding over time, it is advisable to get the structural steel coated with a water-resistant coating. Fire-resistant coatings are equally useful to prevent steel from corrosion. When the assembly and fabrication are taken care of the structural steel, it becomes easier to manage these steel materials at construction sites and manage safety on site.

Although the capability of steel was once questionable, structural steel has now evolved as one of the most significant construction materials which are used nowadays. With some minimal drawbacks, structural steel is still being worked upon to overcome those drawbacks so that it can be utilized without any worries. And even after all the things listed above fails to convince you, Northern Weldarc will be more than happy to be your informative friend.

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