Pets and Mental Health Benefits

November 24th, 2021

At Northern Weldarc Ltd., it is important that all our workers are safe and healthy, which includes their mental health. One of our key employees (who gets paid in dog treats) helps workers by reducing stress and always has a calming charisma—our dog, Copper. 

Copper provides us with the joy of seeing him every morning, while offering the security of protection and knowing that outside sources can not bully us around. He can sense our moods, and if we are off, he is there to support us and make us feel better.

When people play with or are near pets, it raises levels of serotonin and dopamine. These are hormones that will relax and calm the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and make us happier. We are living in the moment, full of happiness and distracted from what may be stressing us out. Bella the cat, for example, has been at the head of our boardroom table and led a most productive meeting with some of our management here. She was a great addition to the meeting that day and became a great friend to Copper and the rest of the staff.


Pets can help to improve our physical activity by getting us out into the environment by walking or running on a regular basis, and they keep us accountable to it. They are always happy to see us after a long day and can’t wait to spend time with us. We enjoy it as it reduces our stress and shows that we are responsible for them. It is a bond that is always strong and vital to both the pet and the pet owner, as they are also a member of the family. They have an unconditional love for us and encourage laughter and playfulness which boosts our immune system and increases our energy.

When we play with or are near pets, socializing becomes easier too, which can help to reduce muscle tension and lower the pulse rate. Pets have so many therapeutic effects. They fulfil the basic human need for touch and bring joy to our lives which ultimately boosts our morale, optimism and self-worth. 

We are always happy to see one of our Northern Weldarc Ltd.’s family pets and they love us as much as we love them!

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