How to Maintain Your Steel Building

June 4th, 2020

Steel buildings are no doubt the most durable structure for any construction in modern times. Steel structures not only provide long-lasting life for the building but also look attractive, no matter what the design is. Steel buildings have low maintenance cost, but that doesn’t mean that they don't require any maintenance at all. Steel is a stronger material for a building when compared to other metals used for construction. But like every other component, steel deteriorates too. If you want the steel structure to stand the test of time and prove its quality, you will have to maintain it from time to time.

Performing Routine Check

Steel structures can stand through difficult and extreme weather conditions, but they are not damage-free. The extreme weather conditions or some unpredictable accidents can cause damage to the structure. Perform an inspection of the steel building at least twice a year. When your building has faced a severe storm, run an inspection immediately to check for any damage like dents or holes in the steel structure. The damage can compromise the durability of steel.

Insulating the Structure

When the steel building is erected, ensure you insulate the steel structure. Insulation will help to keep the temperature maintained inside the steel building. So people living and working inside the building working remain comfortable at all times. Also, the insulation helps the steel building to perform well by preventing the structure from corrosion, rust, and moisture. Keep a check on the insulation from time to time. Damaged insulation can cause energy costs to increase as it affects the heating and cooling inside the building. Compromised insulation can also increase the moisture in the building, and it can build-up rust.

Protecting the Surface

The surface of the steel building holds the whole building strong. Ensure you apply the kind of coating that suits your steel structure and also with the weather on location. Your steel structure would have been coated with paint to save the steel surface from any damage. But over time, the paint can deteriorate. With the paint peeling off, the steel surface can face scratches, dents, moisture, rust, and corrosion. So you have to keep a check on such damages and repair them with proper coating. Be ready with a primer and paint to repair such damaged surfaces. You would first need to apply a coating of primer, later apply a coating of paint. The primer and the paint you use should match with the steel material and blend with it perfectly. Never hesitate to ask an expert about the primer and paint that will match your material.

Keeping Drains and Gutter Clean

The drains and gutter ensure the flow of water are uninterrupted in the building, and so does everyone want the situation to be. So keep a routine check on the drains and gutters too. If the pipes face any clog or brokerage, then the water can seep into the steel building and lead to rust and mold build-ups. When doing the routine inspection, check if the drain pipes are clogged with leaves, sticks, dirt, or any other debris. You can remove the clog yourself, or you can call the plumbers and fix the repair. Frequently also clean your drain pipes and gutters, so you don’t have to face any unwanted plumbing issue.

Cleaning the Building

Steel structures need cleansing too if you want them to last longer. Basic cleaning is essential for your steel building and should be done at least once every year. With the wind blowing, the dust settles on the surface of your building. Also, the structure can develop moisture, fungi, or mold. The cleaning of your steel building with water removes any organic matter from the surface. The cleaning helps to preserve the appearance of your steel structure and stops the growth of microbes. You can use preferred solutions with warm water on the surface to remove grime. To remove the grime, you can use a soft brush or power washer. If you want, you can add bleach to the water for better cleansing. Before you use any solution, ask an expert about the solutions that would be perfect for your structure and won’t cause any harm.

Tackling Repairs Immediately

Your steel building faces damages often. The damage can be big or small, but no matter its size or effect, it should be treated immediately. Small holes and scratches might not seem like a big threat to you, but they can severely damage the steel structure over time. Exposure of steel can lead to the growth of moisture and mold, and would cause you big trouble. Tackling such small holes and scratches will be a big relief. Repair them with a primer and paint coat. Also, regularly check the fasteners like rivets, screws, and nuts. Check if there are any loose fasteners and tighten them up. If the fasteners are damaged or worn out, then replace them with new ones. 

Managing Precipitation

You don’t want the water to accumulate around the foundation of your steel structure and damage it with the moisture. You can route away the water from the foundations by adding gutters, downspouts, or overhangs. 

If your steel building is located in the area which is prone to heavy snowfall, then consider installing an A-frame roof style. The roof should have vertical panels, as they will allow the precipitation to exit from the roof. If the snow accumulates on the sides of the roof sides of your steel building, then the weightage can damage the steel panels.

Maintenance of a steel building is easy if you do it in the right way. Your steel structure won’t only stand the test of time but also would give you the feeling of appreciation. Your investment in time for maintenance will give you the best steel structure in Edmonton.

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