Health and Safety During COVID-19

March 15th, 2021

At Northern Weldarc Ltd., we believe in keeping our workers healthy and safe always and not just during this time of COVID-19. However, during these times, we have added measures in place, some which have been set by local, provincial, and federal requirements; but also measures to ensure our workers feel safe coming to work.

We have our COVID-19 Policy with measures that have been put into place and all employees who are feeling sick are to stay home regardless of the type of illness. We support our workers. We also have a COVID-19 Rapid Response (Questionnaire) Policy in place, where our employees go through the daily screening; both of these policies are continually being updated to ensure the most current and accurate information is included and communicated to our workers as well as our contractors. We have also translated our policies to different languages to ensure all of our workers understand, as communication is key.

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus and clean your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, along with not touching the face. Face masks are mandatory while in the Northern Weldarc Ltd. shops as well as the sites in which we work. In individual’s offices they are permitted to remove their masks. However, they must put the mask on when someone else enters the office or if a shared office then the masks must remain on.

Individuals must complete the COVID-19 Worker Daily Questionnaire upon arrival at site as well as temperatures being taken every morning in the shop. Contractors shall complete the COVID-19 Contractor Daily Questionnaire each time they arrive at site. Plans are in place should someone arrive at work ill or become sick during the day to ensure everything is properly cleaned and disinfected so the risk of transmission is limited and ultimately eliminated. Here at Northern Weldarc Ltd. we care about our staff’s well-being and will assist in providing the necessary resources the worker may need while away.

As the information on COVID-19 is continually being updated and we maintain a current hazard assessment whereby we eliminate the hazard where possible, but as it cannot be eliminated, we put measures in to control the hazards and potential hazards. Our HSE Manager is continually reviewing and updating the information and informing the staff of any changes that occur in Safety Meetings and Toolbox Meetings, as well as communication via email. The supervisors are held accountable for ensuring workers use all hazard controls and wear the required personal protective equipment.

Client meetings and suppliers shall only attend by appointment only, but a preferred method is a conference call. The client contact or supplier contact shall email the questionnaire before the meeting where possible. If they are showing symptoms, it is best to reschedule until they get tested. Upon arrival, they shall fill in the COVID-19 Questionnaire form.

With COVID-19, there is stress and anxiety about the virus and the information that has been put out. We do have numbers put up and the HSE Manager does checks with workers on an individual basis to make sure that they are not overwhelmed. She has a list of resources that she can provide to the workers as we are all in this together.

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