Caring For Pets This Easter

April 14th, 2022

Our pets are very important to us at Northern Weldarc Ltd. They help to maintain our mental health, but they are also members of our families!

Throughout the year—and especially at Easter—we need to take extra care in looking out for their wellbeing.

Some foods that are part of our regular diet are VERY toxic to our pets! Some staples like chocolate, energy drinks (caffeine), avocados, Xylitol (artificial sweetener found in peanut butter, food, candy and gum), and even milk and ice cream can be very harmful to our little buddies! 

So, if possible, make sure to remind the Easter Bunny to hides their eggs in places where our pets can’t find them! 

But wait!!! If you do want to give your pet an ice cream treat, some pet stores in Edmonton carry ice cream specifically made for dogs (Puppy Scoops)—but don’t expect them to share their treat either.

a dog from northern weldarc sits under a gate because he's not allowed to come in and that makes him sad

There are many beautiful plants that are toxic to our pets. These include Easter lilies and daffodils. They are beautiful to look at but toxic for cats and dogs.

Easter grass makes for a colourful basket, but can make a real mess inside the digestive tract of animals of all kinds. Consider trying tissue paper instead.

Did you know that eggs are not good for our pets—both the real kind and the plastic ones? In fact, many table foods that we use during Easter can be toxic, including alcohol, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, and some nuts.

This Easter, please don’t forget to keep our little buddies safe as well! For a full listing of toxic foods and plants, please contact your veterinarian!

We at Northern Weldarc Ltd. care about our work families and will do our part to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy while at work. But this also includes mental health. Sometimes during holidays this can be a struggle. Pets can play a key role in our mental health and the mental health of our friends and family, but we must also be able to recognize the signs. If someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, please reach out to them. There is help!

Have a safe and happy Easter!


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