7 Types of Steel Trusses

January 6th, 2018

Construction sites include various types of structural steel components, such as structural steel beams, trusses, and plates, to name a few. All these are responsible for creating strong and long-lasting structures. When we talk about steel trusses, they are widely used due to their long span, lightweight, reduced deflection, and ability to carry a heavy load. For different constructions, different types of steel trusses are used. Some of these types are mentioned below.

  1. Pratt Truss

    The most common and economical truss found in constructions is the Pratt truss. In this type, the members placed vertically are for compression whereas diagonal ones respond to the tension. This truss is ideal to use in buildings that have a span of around 20 to 100 meter. Pratt trusses are basically of two types:

    • Pratt truss with secondary members

    • Duo-pitch Pratt truss

  2. Warren Truss

    With the Warren truss, the diagonal members are placed alternatively to create a shape of ‘W.’ They have equal compression and tension and hence, require less number of members compared to Pratt truss. They can be used for buildings or constructions that have around 20 to 100 meters of span.

  3. Fink Truss

    Most commonly used for a roof, the fink truss has shorter members and chords. The arrangement for compression and tension depends on the construction it will be used for. This type is useful in places with shorter spans. Also, due to its short size, these trusses are very economical to use.

  4. King Post Truss

    One of the simplest trusses to fabricate, the king post truss has two-angle support members. They are used for a short span of around 8 meters, so they are ideal for small houses.

  5. Queen Post Truss

    Like king post truss, queen post truss is also simple to fabricate but very versatile. This type can be used to make covered bridges, roofs, etc. It can be used for a short span of 10 meters. The two horizontal members have a beam in the center for support.

  6. Howe Truss

    Howe truss is a combination of wood and steel. The use of steel provides extra support and reliability to the construction. Also, they have a wide span that can cover around 6 to 30 meters. Due to its versatility, this type is used in the construction of bridges.

  7. North-Light Truss

    One of the oldest and most resistant trusses is the North-Light truss. This is because of its proper ventilation, and the spread has a 20 to 30-meter span. Due to its durability and versatility, North-Light Truss is used in large spaces, allowing maximum light to reach the space.

These are just a few of the steel trusses which are used in construction. Bowstring, lenticular, vierendeel, octet, flat, and scissor trusses are a few other types of trusses that are used. Based on construction needs, choose a structural steel fabricator who provides fabrication of different types of steel trusses.

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