3 Fun Facts About Steel

April 5th, 2022

Northern Weldarc Ltd. is proud of the strong reputation we have earned as an industry leader in steel production! Not only do we have the most handsome mascot, Copper, but we have a team of dedicated specialists who are committed to a customer-centric experience.

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Low carbon steel and stainless steel have specific qualities to make them easier for welding. There’s so many fascinating attributes of steel! As experts in the field, we love sharing that knowledge with our community, so we’ve rounded up three fun facts.

3 Fun Facts About Steel

According to the World Steel Association, “Steel is one of the world’s most innovative and essential materials.” We couldn’t agree more!


  • 100% Recyclable

Did you know that steel is the most recycled material on the planet? 100% recyclable, that is! Nothing outbeats it, including paper, aluminum, plastic, and asphalt. As the Canadian Steel Producers Association shares, “Canadian steel producers are an integral part of the global circular economy by playing a pivotal role in the recycling of steel and other metals.


  • Built Like A Skyscraper

Some of the first skyscraper buildings from the 19th and 20th century were built with steel, like Western Canada’s tallest building, Stantec Tower. There are many reasons to build with steel, but one major point is that steel is resistant to natural and man-made wear, adding, once again, to steel’s sustainability!


  • Solar Energy Participant

If we haven’t convinced you already of steel's environmental friendliness, the production of steel is not only becoming more sustainable, but is playing a vital part in furthering the production of solar energy across the board. Solar energy infrastructures, including wind turbines and solar panel racking, rely on steel. Read more about this in a recent article, “Solar energy is fuelling more sustainable steel production.”

At Northern Weldarc Ltd., we believe in promoting environmentally friendly work with overall production excellence. If you are looking for high quality structural steel products that are environmentally conscious, then request a quote today, or contact us at 780.467.1522.


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