International Day of Mourning – April 28th

April 27th, 2021


At Northern Weldarc Ltd., it is important that all of our workers are safe and healthy. We work safely for ourselves, our families, our co-workers, our pets, and our friends.  Our working safely affects us, but also all of them.

The International Day of Mourning commemorates workers who have been killed, injured, or who have suffered illness due to workplace-related hazards and occupational exposures. We work hard every day to minimize incidents at Northern Weldarc and the sites in which we work, as well as those that we provide the structural steel for, in an effort to prevent injuries and incidents. We hold that as a core value.  

The date April 28th was picked because on that day in 1914, the Workers Compensation Act received its third reading.

In 1991, eight years after the Day of Remembrance was launched by the Canadian Labour Congress, the Parliament of Canada passed the Workers Mourning Day Act, making April 28th an official Day of Mourning.  

In 2001, the International Labour Organization first observed World Day for Safety and Health at Work on this day. It commemorates those who have been hurt or killed in the workplace shows respect for the fallen, while serving as a reminder of the importance of occupational health and safety. 

The purpose of the International Day of Mourning is to remember and honour those lives lost or injured and to renew the commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace and to help to prevent further deaths, injuries and diseases from work.

We encourage everyone to attend a Day of Mourning virtual event, as well as have a moment of silence in memory of the fallen workers at 11:00 am on April 28th. 

It is an important date to remember and think about our health and safety, as we all want to go home to enjoy our time off and enjoy the things that we work hard to achieve. We all want to enjoy life, as life is more than just working—working provides us with the lives we want to achieve.

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