Ways to Minimize Construction Costs of Structural Steel Buildings

January 22, 2018 | 0 comments
Structural Steel Buildings

Structural steel is widely used in the construction business. Every building you see around you will have some kind of structural steel design being used. The peculiar features of structural steel make it ideal for construction purpose. Along with using structural steel for constructing a building, it is also important to create cost-efficient and good quality structures. A company that provides metal fabrication in Edmonton will help you provide the best quality steel structures needed for your building. There are various ways you can use to minimize construction cost of structural steel buildings.

Create a Plan

The first thing you need to do is have a plan ready. This plan includes the structure of your building, the costs that you will incur, fabricator you will choose, and more. Having a budget will help you decide the places where you can reduce your costs. Also, if needed, you can just modify the structural plan of your building to cut down costs.

However, having the design will help you decide the steel structures you need to get fabricated by the fabrication company. Also, focusing on the design can help you create structures that will use less number of beams or other steel supports.

Use Standard Steel Lengths

When designing your building structure, always prefer using the standard length of steel structures. Standard length structures are available at a lower cost compared to customized length. This is because standard steel length does not need any cutting or refabrication. Also, talk to your fabricator about the prices of various standard length steel structures, and then design your building structure.

Don’t Get Primed or Painted Steel

Getting your steel structures primed or painted is a total waste of money unless you are using it in a place where it can be seen. Primed or painted steel will not only increase the cost, but it also makes it difficult for fireproof material to stay on the steel product. Always mention the need for paint or not separately to the fabricator.

Make Steel Structures Fireproof

Creating fireproof structures will add value to your building and will protect the structure from any fire in future. There are three basic materials used to give a cost-efficient fireproof coating to your steel structures. They are:

  • Spray-applied fireproofing

  • Gypsum board

  • Intumescent paints

Focus on Steel Quality

The most important thing every builder or architect ignores is the quality over price. You might select a fabricator who is giving steel structures at a low price. But it is important to check what quality he is providing at that price. Compromising in quality can lead to more maintenance cost in the future.

Following the above methods will help eliminate mistakes related to the building erection. Also, remember to hire a professional company of metal fabrication in Edmonton to get quality steel structures on time. The fabricators will also guide you through various ways by which you can create strong and durable structures.

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