Uses Of Steel Fabrication In Construction

September 02, 2016 | 3 comments
steel fabrication in construction

Steel fabrication is used to create various different components and products. There are numerous uses of steel fabrication. Steel fabrication has various qualities in many different types of applications. From the house grills to your car, everything is made up of steel. It is a tough and long lasting material.

Advantageous qualities of steel fabrication

  • Heat resistant
  • Austenitic grades
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Better hardening rates
  • Higher strength
  • Stronger resistance to impact

Uses of steel fabrication in construction industry

Corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance are some of the characteristics of stainless steel, These characteristics make stainless steel ideal for architectural applications. Also, its mechanical properties are suitable for construction industry applications. Here are some of the most common uses of steel fabrication in the construction industry:

  • Exterior applications

The professional steel fabricators know that it is very much essential to match the grade of stainless steel to the environment as it has a major influence on its performance. They know the method of determining environmental conditions through which they choose the grade of stainless steel which can be used for exterior applications. This way, the exterior steel fabricated construction is able to survive in all weather conditions.

  • Flexible design

No matter how complex the design intent of architecture and engineering is, professional steel fabricators can easily accomplish the design with the help of structural steel. Structural steel has the ability to encourage design creativity.

  • Lighter buildings

Structural steel helps in reducing the weight of the building as it is a very strong material. It has a higher strength to weight ratio as compared to other materials. This makes the buildings and structures lighter and they do not require extensive and costly foundations.

  • Easy modification

Structural steel buildings are easy to be modified in the future for vertical expansions, new applications, and any other changes. This type of ease to modify cannot be achieved with any other construction materials. Hence, structural steel has become the best choice for engineers, architects, and contractors.

  • Enhance aesthetic appeal

Steel has a natural beauty which the architects can expose in the design of their structures in order to emphasize slenderness, grace, transparency of frame and strength. No other construction material allows the architect to apply as many degrees of expression and creativity as structural steel does. The professional steel fabricators are also capable of bending and rolling the structural steel sections to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structures.

These are some of the many uses of steel fabrication in the construction industry. You must make use of steel fabrication for your buildings and structures as this will make your structure more efficient, beautiful, and tough.

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