Types of Custom Structural Steel Stairs

January 18, 2017 | 3 comments
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There are different types of steel stairs used in different places. Steel stairs are widely used in industrial structures because of many reasons. However, custom steel stairs fabricated and designed by structural steel fabricators are today being used in residential and commercial places as well. The reason they are preferred in homes is because they can be easily customized into various shapes and designs.

Custom steel stairs and railings can be designed in many ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. The most preferred reasons for having customized steel stairs in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces are durability, reliability, and the ease of construction. Of course, only professional steel fabricators can easily work with this material, as they exactly know how to fabricate it. Steel is a material which can be easily recycled with minimal chemical processing. Hence, today, it is the most preferred choice for many applications and custom steel stairs is one of them.

Let’s take a look at the different types of custom steel stairs that can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces:

Straight Stairs:

As the name suggests, these stairs have a simple, straight design structure. These stairs have the least complex construction process. Hence, they are easy to install. Customized straight stairs can also be given a complex design structure, only if you want them to be attractive yet simple to use. Our professional steel fabricators using the latest tools and CNC equipment can reduce the construction time drastically and provide you the best quality product.

Spiral Stairs:

These stairs are generally used in areas having less space or in compact places where you want to save space. Additionally, this type of steel stairs increases the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. These stairs are most often misinterpreted as curved stairs. Although both types of stairs follow a helical arc, spiral stairs are usually made very compact and the treads encircle a center pole.

Curved Stairs:

Curved stairs, when seen from far, they appear as the normal, straight stairs. However, when you take a closer look at these curved stairs, they appear extremely elegant. In addition, these stairs are versatile as they can fit in with most design aesthetics. Also, their large steps enable people to climb up the stairs comfortably.

U-shaped Stairs:

U-shaped stairs are also known as half turn or switchback stairs. Basically, they consist of two straight stairs paralleled by a landing, with a 1800 turn. These stairs can be easily constructed as they consist of a simple design having straight stairs. These are most commonly found in tall residential and commercial buildings.

As mentioned above, structural steel is a recyclable material, which is why is it the most preferred as well as the most affordable material in terms of constructing stairs and railing. We at Northern Weldarc, fabricate structural steel in order to create different steel products. If you wish to know more about custom structural steel stairs or the other products that we produce for various industries, get in touch with us!

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