Use Of Structural Steel In Modern Construction

October 31, 2017 | 0 comments
structural steel products

One of the first things done when building a modern structure is to build the framework using structural steel. There are many structural steel products used in modern construction such as steel beams, pipes, and cables. This steel is put to use in the construction of buildings, skyscrapers, garages, transmission line towers, manufacturing sheds and so on. Many engineers and architects prefer steel over wood, glass and other materials for construction purposes such as malls, buildings and stadiums due to its durability, unerring strength, pliability, sustainability and budget-friendly prices.

Why is structural steel products preferable in modern construction? The advantages of utilizing structural steel are given below.


Steel structures are durable, last long, and low maintenance. Steel beams that form the framework of buildings do not usually require repairs and such. The arrangements of the structure can be altered numerous times when the building is fabricated with steel components. This not only decreases construction time but also construction costs. Therefore, maintenance charges are saved.

Lighter Than Wood

Try comparing the weight of wood and steel. Take a wood LVL or parallam beam and compare it with a steel beam. While you may discover that the mass of the steel beam is more, it is lighter than the wooden beam. Being light-weight is a benefit as it decreases the costs related to shipping and labor. In a construction project, you would opt for steel beams simply because your laborers have an easier time handling it.

Sustainability And Durability

Steel is highly sustainable. The small fragments of steel can be reused again from the demolition site to create a new structure for buildings. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, 88 million tonnes of steel were recycled in North America. More than half of the recycled steel is put to use in new steel production project. Steel is familiar for its longevity and being sturdy.

Swift Construction

When construction projects are completed quickly, and at a reasonable cost, it makes the investors and buyers happy. Builders dread fast-paced construction projects due to the risk it carries. Using structural steel products that are easy to handle, strong, and durable quickens the project’s pace and reduces risk. Steel products are pre-engineered in detail and made available for purchase.


When a building is demolished, the steel can be recycled. Furthermore, replacing with recyclable steel is possible instead of paying a large amount for non-recyclable steel. The waste removal companies reduce the unnecessary construction waste at zero cost by selecting the steel and metal building waste. The same material is recycled, and wastage is avoided, and hence, structural steel is environment-friendly.


Structural steel can be fabricated into any shape because it is versatile. This is a key aspect to ordering for custom-made structural steel products.

Steel and Wood Hybrid

Though many of the homeowners have learned to appreciate the versatility of the steel,  yet some are inclined to a wood beam. Consequently, plenty of construction companies provide these steel and wood hybrids, since steel has immense strength and flexibility and wood is a natural insulator.

Keeping all these benefits in mind and its utility in modern construction, most of the builders, consider the structural steel to be a preferable. You can discover some of the industries most preferred structural steel products with Northern Weldarc.

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