6 Best Steel Staircase Designs to Consider for Your Factory

June 08, 2019 | 0 comments
Steel Staircase Designs

There are different types of staircases for various purposes. Steel staircases are mostly used in factories due to their durability, strength and appeal. Steel is an alloy metal that is sturdy, durable, malleable and yet inexpensive. The malleability of steel gives it the ability to be versatile and be moulded into different shapes, patterns and designs. Steel staircases seem like a fit choice for such industrial structures, considering the welding, chemicals and production going around. In selecting a design for a staircase, you choose a type of handrail and a kind of stairs to match. There is a variety of steel handrails that you can select from for industrial stairs. Most of the times, it is the handrail of the staircase that distinguishes the style that the stairs are reflecting. For instance, if the handrail is wavy, it is joyful and if the handrail is helical, the room has a stable vibe. Here are a few steel staircase designs you can take inspiration for your factory:

1) Classic Run-Down

The classic design has a simple handrail with the stairs running down merely. Usually, a traditional staircase does not enhance the appearance of a place but using steel; it completely lights up. Steel has that lustre and a mix of looks to it. Minimalism, contemporary, elegant, etc., a classic black steel staircase will go with almost anything and everything. To be more precise, a traditional steel staircase is the same as a European style steel staircase.

2) Modern

Modern steel staircases are the most popular trend going around right now. Similar to classic, a modern steel staircase has a more into-the-future appeal. It will look minimal as well as have that progressive feel to it. It runs down like the classic, but you can customise according to your preference. You can have floating stairs or geometric designs; your innovation feeds the modern steel staircase. You can envision any plan for the steel staircase for a modern charisma. Straight, mistral, spike, etc. are some types of modern designs in steel staircases.

3) Perforated Steel

Perforated steel is pretty much what the name suggests. If you do not know what a perforated sheet if, it means that the metal sheet is covered with holes in it. The sheet of metal or steel, in this case, has a mesh-like pattern on it. Perforated steel sheet is used to make the staircase. This can be applied to either the handrails or the stairs. A perforated sheet on the handrail fills up the space between the usually empty handrails. In the progressive world, everyone is selecting floating stairs and disconnected handrails, but a perforated sheet of steel looks equally modern and spectacular. Besides the handrail, a perforated sheet can also be used for the stairs. Since the steel is already sturdy, elegant and straightforward perforated sheet usage is for the appearance.

4) Raw Industrial

An industrial looking steel staircase is one of the unique ones that no one would usually recommend you to get constructed since it has an extremely outdated-industrious look. It has a more manufactured look and will look best in an environment of factories. You may have seen these in old buildings, factories or low-budget structures. These are extremely inexpensive due to their expiration but still, look classy if used in an appropriate surrounding. The railing has a bolts and screws pattern on it, while the stairs are ribbed which makes it anti-slip. The anti-slip texture is perfect for factories where there is a lot of transporting upstairs and downstairs. You cannot go wrong with an industrious looking steel staircase in factories.

5) Minimalist Spiral

A minimalist spiral is similar to the classic run-down stairs with European joints and stairs, except the design goes in a helical flow. The spiral is the most common these days because this technically comes under modern, but for steel staircases, the minimalist spiral requires to be justified as an individual. The hand railings are less busy in terms of occupying spaces, and the sole purpose of the hand railings is acting as joints for the stairs. While the stairs, you could select to be continuous or floating. There are also mistral and spiked in spiral designs according to what you choose.

6) Solid Spiral

A solid spiral, or more commonly known as the tornado spiral has a very engaging look. It creates a monotone and busy atmosphere. How is this different from minimalist spiral if both have the purpose of a simple design? A solid spiral fills up the space but the single use of colour does not create a chaotic vibe in the room. Since usually, the colour of the tornado spiral steel staircase is black; it contradicts the bustling environment of the factories. Not only does it look sleek, but it also looks distinguished and modish. The pattern is neat and functional as well, appropriate for an industrial structure.

Steel staircases make for striking designs, be it a residential structure or an industrial structure. All you need is the right design to merge into the environment of the factory and enhance the room. Although it is a factory, it too needs to look appealing to the eyes. If you think of it, almost all types of staircases will do for the construction of a steel staircase. Get in touch with reputed steel structural fabrication company, to know more about custom steel staircases and the distinct designs.

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