What you Need to Know About Structural Steel Fabrication?

March 15, 2017 | 2 comments
Structural Steel Fabricators Edmonton

What is structural steel fabrication? How is it done? All your questions regarding structural steel and structural steel fabrications are answered in this article. Structural steel fabrication is the process of bending, cutting, and shaping steel to make a product. Steel fabrication is not any type of welding in which steel is strengthened or repaired. Several pieces of steel are combined together to form different structures of predefined sizes and shapes.

Not everyone is capable of fabricating structural steel. This process requires skilled and experienced technicians who can take raw components and transform them into marketable products. The heavy industrial projects require fabrication. You may also require help from structural steel fabricators at home when you want to build a staircase made of structural steel.

The structural steel fabricators make use of machinery to weld and bend steel in order to transform it into different patterns and shapes. The structural steel fabrication process involves:

  • Cutting

This is the first part of structural steel fabrication. High-grade steel is cut by shearing or sawing or chiseling using different tools like laser cutters, plasma torches, or water jets

  • Bending

Another important part of structural steel fabrication is bending the alloy. This can be done by hammering manually or with the help of machines. Whether to bend steel manually or through a machine depends on the type of project

  • Assembling

This part of structural steel fabrication involves the assembling of all the molded parts to form complete structures. There are two ways of assembling steel structures. One way is welding, where the steel fabricators apply heat to the steel parts slowly to join them together. Another way of assembling is to bind the steel parts together with adhesives

After all this is done, the structural steel fabricators should determine its shape. To shape, fabricators make use of a software package and the equipment available in the machine shop. Most fabricators make use of the cutting-edge technology to keep a track of the operation and maintain the proficiency of the entire process. Laser-cutting devices give a smooth edge. Painting and sandblasting can also be used during structural steel fabrication.

Structural steel fabrication is used in the construction of buildings, bridges, vehicle parts, and home appliances. Using structural steel fabrication in building and homes is great, as it offers great durability and strength. If some of your questions about structural steel fabrication are left unanswered in this post, you should get in touch with the professional structural steel fabricators to get the answers to your questions.

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