8 Questions to Ask Your Stud Welder

July 04, 2019 | 0 comments
Stud Welder

If you are reading this blog, then it means that you know the difference between stud welding and stick welding and you have already decided to choose stud welding for your next project. But before you move on to hiring a stud welder or a welding company, you must know certain things. Hiring any welder based on their clientele is like doing a half job. Make sure you ask the following questions to the welder you are considering, compare options, think well, and only then hire a stud welder.

1. Where is Stud Welding Used?

As a stud welder, the professional should know all the applications of this stud welding. Ideally, the welder should be able to say that stud welding can be used everywhere in metal construction and the metalworking industry. The process is applicable at enclosures, apparatus and switch cabinet construction

– Electrical industry

– Vending machines (beverage, food, cigarette vending machines)Household appliances, commercial kitchens, food industry, catering

– Laboratory and medical technology

– Fittings

– Facade engineering

– Insulation technology (climate insulation)

– Vehicle construction

– Door, window and facade construction

– Steel construction

– Shipbuilding

– Thermal insulation

2. What is Required for Stud Welding?

Your welder should also have in-depth knowledge about the requirements for this process. If the welder fails to mention the following things, you must not consider hiring that stud welder. Find someone who can say that stud welding requires:

– A special welding power source or power unit The power source implements the control system for providing welding energy and coordinating the movement device

– A special movement device like a welding gun or welding head

– Welding current cables and connections

– Chuck for holding the stud

– Welding element

– Technical accessories, e.g. foot assembly for shielding gas)

3. Do You Offer Support with Design and Engineering?

A stud welder should be able to provide start to end and comprehensive stud welding and related services. You surely don’t want to look for another company or welder when it comes to planning and designing your stud welding. Look for the one-stop solution for all welding-related services. When you consider Northern Weldarc, you will realize that our in-house team of engineers can assist with all aspects – the choice of materials, fasteners, and stud welding processes. We can also assist with part design. Since we offer cold forming services and contract assembly, we can work with you to complete the steps necessary to support your team.

4. What Warranties Do You Offer?

If your stud welder makes a mistake or your end product is unsatisfactory, you need to make sure the company they represent is accountable for remedying the situation. Before agreeing to work with anyone, ask what kind of warranty they offer on their stud welding services. Work with a welder and company that provides complete guarantee and warranty of the services they provide and the work they do.

5. Do You Provide Repair Services?

Just like the support and engineering services, you must also find out if the stud welding company offers repair services. The reason is the same – in case the work done by the welder is faulty or fails after the guarantee, there should be someone to provide repair services. Finding a new welder exclusively for repairing the work is pointless and is time-consuming too. Always choose a welder or company that specializes in stud repair work as well.

6. What Happens If I Have a Problem with Your Service?

It is common for stud welders to make minor mistakes during the process. Especially the newly appointed ones end up making more mistakes. Whether it’s stud welding mistakes or the work done by the welder has issues after a point, you must know the exact process of how the stud welding company will deal with the problems. You must find out what are the possible ways to get in touch with the welder. Are they available on calls? Or do they have an email support that’s faster? How well can you schedule a welder visit? Once you know the answers to these, you can decide if the company is apt for you or not. Make dummy calls and see how available the welding company is for the queries they get.

7. What Are Your Credentials?

Some workers primarily learn to weld on the job or at home, while others study it through the degree or certificate programs. All methods have value, but it’s wise to look for stud welders who have at least earned a certificate in welding. This shows that they’re committed enough to the trade to invest in it and fill in any holes in their knowledge. The best would be to hire a stud welder working in a reputed fabrication company like Northern Weldarc.

8. How Many Years Have You Been in Business?

Weld stud manufacturers that have been in business for many years have a proven track record of top service, support, and equipment. In this competitive industry, poor-quality companies will come and go, but those that are industry leaders continue to grow and thrive. Look for someone who has been in the industry for more than a decade. The more a welder has been in the industry, the better their hands-on experience will be. Working for different projects for years enables stud welders to identify and work with the secrets of stud welding

You can consider hiring Northern Weldarc for your next project. Give us a call and ask us all of these questions, and many more if you have, and we’ll be happy to answer all your queries.

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