What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Structural Steel Fabricator?

February 03, 2018 | 1 comment
Structural Steel Fabricator?

Structural steel fabricators play a crucial role in the equipment manufacturing and construction industry. It is hard to imagine the functioning of any manufacturing unit without their expertise and finesse. Their main role is to bend, align, cut, weld and assemble metals using various tools. While doing so, they are required to use the necessary safety equipment such as glasses and gloves to prevent accidents or health hazards. Most of them are trained on the job but there are entrants who opt for vocational courses and certifications for becoming a fabricator.

The duties and responsibilities of a structural steel fabricator are often complex in nature but their job mainly involves dealing with metal. Some of their duties and responsibilities are as follows:

Study Engineering Drawings and Blueprints

Fabricators are required to follow the blueprint of the project they’re working on. These blueprints are mostly made by the chief engineer of a company. For example, an engineer will draw out a plan to design a rotary cutter with all the desired specifications. A structural steel fabricator is expected to study this blueprint in detail before he starts working on creating the rotary cutter.

Weld Fitted Parts of Machinery Together

Fabricators usually work towards manufacturing huge equipment. These equipment are prepared in stages. So the role of a fabricator is to weld together different parts of metal to create a product or a part of a product. For example, a blast furnace is constructed in stages – fabricators weld different parts of the furnace together.


Structural steel fabricators assemble large parts of metal together. They erect ladders and scaffoldings to do this. This process involves welding, binding with adhesives, and riveting. Mainly, structural steel and metal sheets are used for assembling. This is usually done by a team of fabricators.

Lift Finished Products

Lastly, fabricators are required to lift the finished products using cranes or other necessary equipment. These products are moved to the desired destination as per the guidance of the chief engineer.

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