Different Types and Uses of Steel Beams

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Uses of Steel Beams

Not many are aware about the different types and uses of steel beams. Steel beams are extremely crucial and necessary for the construction any building or structure, such as bridges, etc. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Depending on several different factors, the correct ones for your application will be beneficial for your construction requirements.

Any supportive structural item that spans an area and is designed to support a load is broadly termed as ‘steel beam’. Each different steel beam offers some unique properties that ensure you get exactly the level of support you need for your type of construction. The classification of steel beam depends on the geometry and the way they are supported. They can be both curved and straight, however, the most common ones used are the straight beams.

Here are some common steel beam shapes listed below:


These steel beams are shaped like the capital letter ‘I’, just as the name implies. They are commonly used in industrial applications and have tapered flanges. I-shaped cross-section steel beams come in two different styles, one has a parallel flange surface (wide), whereas the other one has a slope on the inner flange surfaces (S-beam).


These are similar to I-beams and they are also called as ‘wide flange’ beams. They have a straight flange and are most often used in residential construction.


These are generally heavier and longer than I-beams. Appearing like the capital letter ‘H’, they have longer flanges. Often, the term is interchangeably used with I-beams, so this can be confusing at times. H-beams have webs and flanges that have the same thickness in many cases.


Like one half of the I-beam, these have a C-shaped cross-section. The top and bottom part of the beam have sloped inner flange surfaces that come out only on one side of the beam. They are used in supporting lighter loads since they are not as strong as the other beam shapes.

There are various additional shapes and sizes available in steel beams from Northern Weldarc. As many different shaped steel beams cannot be classified as standard I-beams or W-beams, etc. You can get in touch with our professionals at Northern Weldarc to know more about the different types and uses of steel beams. Depending on your construction requirement, we’d recommend the most appropriate type of steel beam that can be made use of.

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