Why Should You Choose Structural Steel?

August 25, 2016 | 3 comments
choose structural steel

There are a variety of building materials available on the market which makes it difficult to keep up with the new products and current trends. When thinking about commercial projects like retail shopping locations, training facilities, or a community hall, structural steel would be the best choice. Apart from some of the benefits of structural steel that we know about, it has many other advantages too. Some of them are mentioned below:

Cost-effective and efficient

Structural steel is a long-term investment and it comes with low cost per square meter. The elements required for a particular project can be built before hand and erected on the site which lowers the construction costs. The buildings constructed using structural steel include decking and fire protection. Hence, they will not cost you as much as the concrete structures do, for the long run.

Strength and durability

Structural steel has compressive and tensile strength that makes it best suitable for agricultural, commercial, and industrial construction. The structural steel frames do not bend like the other material such as the timber frames. Structural steel buildings have a long and durable life, and so you can capitalize more on your investment.

Design flexibility

Structural steel buildings are the first choice of engineers as they allow to eliminate the interior support columns and give the largest possible area of uninterrupted floor space. None of the other framing materials come close to the ability of structural steel to encourage the freedom of expression and design flexibility. It is very easy to modify and expand the structural steel buildings to handle scalability.

Speed and ease of construction

When building with a less flexible material, you will require more time. The structural steel structures are pre-manufactured by the professional steel fabricators and then shipped to the construction sites. It does not take a lot of time for manufacturing them using the right tools and equipment. Hence, the assembling work can also be done quickly as our professionals at Northern Weldarc have enough experience and expertise.


Structural steel is manufactured and built according to the codes of compliance. The strength of the material is tested at the time of production, and not after it has been placed in the building structure. This makes our products safe for long-term projects and investment. Structural steel retains its shape and does not shrink, split, rot, or swell. It is, therefore, proved to improve the quality of construction projects with low maintenance costs. Structural steel also offers improved safety, endurance and resistance.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of structural steel, there are many more things that it has to offer. If you make use of structural steel in your buildings, you will be able to experience its advantages. If you are still not convinced about the benefits of structural steel, you need to contact the professional steel fabricators as they will be able to tell you much more in detail about it.

Image Source: www.sdiengineering.net

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