Benefits of Steel Pipe Shoes

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Steel Pipe Shoes

If you are involved in heavy pipes and loads, this article is for you. Every massive pipework requires proper support system so that it can function well. Pipe shoes provide the right kind of support. A pipe shoe is a structure consisting of a saddle and integral base that is used to support the pipe by transmitting the load or forces to the adjacent structure. Pipe supports are fabricated from a variety of materials including structural steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, ductile iron and FRP composites. Let us directly look at the benefits of using steel pipe shoes for industrial uses.

Sturdy Pipe Support

When gallons of water and other materials pass through heavy pipes regularly, the pipes will need constant support so that they don’t fall apart. Excessive loads can result in pipe cracks and ruptures. If not cracks, then pipes will surely bend with time. This is where steel pipe shoes help the pipes retain their sturdiness and function. All other materials talk about high strength, but their strength is still less than that of structural steel even when enhanced by steel reinforcing. Not only this, but pip shoes also anchor the pipelines so that they never move out of place when external pressure is applied. This way, pipe shoes help pipes to stay in place even when there’s a heavy flow through the pipes or extreme weather conditions outside.

Extreme Load Capacity

Pipe shoes act like shock absorbers for pipelines. These support systems are known to take most kinds of loads like internal fluid pressure, external pressure, gravitational forces acting on the pipe such as weight of pipe and fluid, seismic load, forces due to relief or blowdown, pressure waves generated due to water, and steam hammer effects. A pipe used for transporting fluid would be under internal pressure load. Moreover, the pipe is also exposed to the deadweight or the self-weight of pipe, including fluid, the weight of fittings, and other inline components like the insulation all the time. This load causes eventual bending of pipes. The pipes are also subjected to other loads. The pipe connected to a storage tank may be under load if the tank nozzle to which it is connected moves down due to tank settlement. Similarly, a pipe connected to a vessel is pulled upwards because the vessel nozzle moves up due to vessel expansion. Also, a pipe may vibrate due to vibrations in the rotating equipment it is attached to. When you support the pipes with pip shoes, all these loads are entirely absorbed or at least get distributed throughout, thereby preventing any pipe damage 

Pipe Movement Prevention

Along with providing complete support to the pipeline, steel pipe shoes also prevent the pipe from dislocating or moving from their position. Pipes can eventually move out of place even if they don’t experience any other damage. The dislocation, if not addressed, can then lead to cracked pipes. Different types of pipe shoes act as clamps so that the pipe doesn’t move. For instance, rigid supports are used to restrict pipe in a certain direction without any flexibility. They restrict movement in all three orthogonal directions and all three rotational directions. This way, the pipes remain where they should be for decades without any damage.

High Customization

Historically, companies welded metal T-slides on the piping system and then insulated around the t-slides. This process is detrimental to the pipeline system not just because of the use of dissimilar metals but also due to point loading the pipework. This is the reason why corrosion used to be a common sight at the connection.

On the other hand, everybody knows that steel offers high workability. Steel is ductile and malleable material. This means that it can be reshaped and remoulded into different shapes and sizes. You can expect steel pipe shoes based on the size and requirements of your pipeline. Whether you want clamp-on pipe shoes or welded ones, steel shoes are ideal for any application. Steel pipe shoes lightweight and easy to install using stainless steel bands.


All types of steel are known to be the world’s most trusted materials, and that is for a major reason. The high resistance of steel is incomparable. It won’t rot, warp, crack, split, or catch fire. It provides strong structural integrity, weather resistance, and long-term strength wherever and whenever it is used. Also, the material isn’t vulnerable to termites or fungus. Moreover, steel is highly resistant to corrosion, combustion, and chemical reactions. Another benefit of steel is that it provides protection against the effect of temperature changes. All these benefits can be considered when understanding the benefits of steel pipe shoes. Thanks to the properties of steel, steel pipe shoes are highly resistant, and they easily survive for more than 50 years. This eliminates the need for repairing or replacing pipe shoes in every 10 years or so. Also, mishaps caused due to failure of pipe shoes are eliminated. The quality of steel is predictable and reliable.

Our highly engineered pipe support components prolong the life of piping and connected equipment while reducing energy consumption, noise and costs. When your pipes last longer, your business flows smoothly. Our steel pipe shoes are ideal for transporting water, liquid fuel, chemicals, and other fluids that are often regarded as highly reactive. 

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