Advantages of Steel Frame Structures

August 25, 2016 | 4 comments
steel frame structures

A steel frame is one of the strongest structure that can be used for infrastructural projects. It is not only strong, but also has the ease of application in construction. Additionally, its light weight makes the transportation process easy. Steel frame structures are the most constructed structures by engineers today. Professional steel fabricators find it very convenient to use and purchase steel from steel producers as steel has varied advantages.

Steel building construction is of many types depending upon its utility. They are conventional steel fabrication, light gauge steel, and bolted frame. Advantages of steel frame structures are as follows:


Steel frames that are used for the construction of buildings and other infrastructures are made up of mild steel. This steel is long lasting and strong enough to carry huge tons of weight for many years without the need of any restoration or repair. Nowadays, professional steel fabricators make use of stainless steel which doesn’t lead to corrosion, especially where there is too much moisture in the air.


One of the great features of steel frames is that they are flexible, meaning it can be arched as per the required specification. This helps design steel structures in such a way that it can withstand an earthquake or heavy winds, especially in the case of tall towers or bridges which are made of steel.


This refers to steel structures that are exposed to great force; as they do not crack like glass frames. This property allows steel buildings to bend out of shape, or deform, thus giving warning to the inhabitants to vacate. Failure in steel frames is not sudden – a steel structure rarely collapses. That is why steel structures are not prone to earthquakes.

Temporary Structures

Steel frame structures can be easily built with the help of various methods such as bolting, welding or riveting and can be also detached without many hassles. This reduces the time taken to make a temporary structure, and therefore professional steel fabricators use steel frames for temporary structures. This is also useful when you want a strong structure in a short span of time.

Steel structures also include steel pipes, heavy or light vehicles and many other machines and equipment used by manufacturing and production houses. Many constructors and engineers require steel frames for their projects. This itself justifies how valuable steel frames are, and their scope of utility is tremendous.

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