Advantages Of Bolted Connections

May 08, 2018 | 0 comments
Steel Structures

What makes up a steel structure? You’d be surprised to know that it is made up of more than just one type of steel. Columns, beams and tension members are connected to each other at its ends. Most steel structures are made up of different parts including plates and angle beams. With the use of fasteners, these parts are put together as a single component to a structure. The connection among the different steel components of a composition facilitates the proper flow of forces that is set upon it. Apart from that, it also ensures that there is an appropriate distribution of troops up to the foundation level of the structure.

It is the goal of every steel design to ensure that the parts are correctly connected to each other. Economical, safe and effective – those are the three principles that serve as the guide of connection designers when they produce joints that do the job. This is when the production of metal bolts become extremely helpful. Because such connectors are standardized, it has become easier to deal with clearances. Whenever adjustments in its size or grip need to be made, it has become easier for industry users.

In particular, here is a list of the advantages of bolted connections over riveted or welded connections:

·         Easy fabrication. There is no need to worry about needing more of the bolts. Because they are easy to fabricate, technicians can easily copy the bolt that you already have in hand and create more of it for your use.

·         Use of simple tools. Perhaps this is one of the most important benefits of using bolts as connectors for steel structures. It does not require specialized tools that require expertise by a few.

·         For its installation, bolts don’t need a particular procedure. This means it can quickly be put to use as soon as it is installed. It does the job without a particular process or equipment.

Bolts can accommodate · Minor differences in measurements. The dimensions don’t have to be exact in case of minor variation in between.

·         Once the bolts are attached and tightened in place, it immediately supports the load no matter how heavy or light it may be.

·               Deformation in the bolts is very minimal over time.

When you ask the experts as to why they use the bolts, they have a longer list of benefits they could give you. And when you look at the bigger picture concerning safety and security of the structure, you’ll see how truly beneficial it is to trust expert opinion and go for bolts as connectors.

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