Advantages and Disadvantages Of Welded Connections

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Welded Connections


Have you been considering the use of welded joints for your metal works? There are some ways to join metals together to build a structure. Riveting and welding are two ways it can be done. But why should you go for welding joints instead?

Advantages Of Welding Joints

  • A welded connection is the favored option for a useful purpose. With this type of connection, there is a 100% guarantee that the connection is strong enough to withhold pressure. Riveted joints usually come with at least 75% of the sturdiness connection.
  • Steel structures can be complicated at times and in those steel structures, the most convenient way to make a connection is through welding. In cases of steel pipes, it is important to note that complicated structures are more accessible to put together for a stronger connection by welding.
  • Welding is a method that provides a more rigid connected for steel structures. This is a significant requirement in structural frames made of steel.
  • While riveting may be a good strategy to put metal pieces together, it is not the best option for structures that will be sued on populated areas.
  • Welded structures are more pleasing to the eye as their a connection between metals become aesthetically one. Compared to riveting where the connections can be distinctly identified, welding makes the whole structure made into one.

Disadvantages of Welding Joints

  • Welded connections do not allow any form of expansion. Contractions in the connection could make it weak. It is prone to developing cracks after some time.
  • Internal and external distortions can happen while the areas of connection are exposed to uneven heating during the process of welding.
  • Due to possible extreme heating, fatigue may take place where a connection of steel is made. That’s why it is essential that only an expert works with the steel connection through welding to ensure that the connection is not exposed to too much heat.
  • Inspection work for welded steel requires more time and accuracy. Checking the stability of the connection requires more.

Will you pursue welded connections over riveted ones? It surely is your best option, but you will have to bring the experts in. They will know exactly how to use the advantages of welded connections and work around the disadvantages and keep them to a minimum.

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