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Structural Steel Design Involve

We are a family-run business with family values. We specialize in the oil and gas, commercial, pulp and paper, and petrochemical industries. We are committed to the highest standard of workmanship, customer satisfaction, and above all, the health and safety of all our employees, customers, and contractors.

What ultimately matters to our customers is that projects run on time and on budget, and that means upholding the commitments we make. It’s a simple premise; make a business promise and keep it, but keeping that promise is what separates successful companies from the ones who disappear.

So we asked ourselves, what has kept Northern Weldarc Ltd successful for 50 years? We continue to strive to manufacture the highest standard of quality products, our team is constantly aspiring for new and innovative improvements for our products and services to meet all our customer’s requirements. Northern Weldarc’s fabrication always conforms to all governing procedures and statutory regulations.

What has powered us to build this strong reputation for meeting customer expectations? We keep our promise to the customer, we recognize it all starts at home and how we run our business. The way we treat our people, the way we build our products, the way we lead; each of these factors into how Northern Weldarc has remained successful.


Doing the Job Right the First Time

Our goal is to work closely with our customers and exceed their expectations. We know that high-quality products and services are best delivered through passionate people. Our employees care about more than just getting a job done; they understand that our success as a company is achieved by maintaining our reputation of tireless commitment to customer service. They care about only shipping good work, and you can see it in their behaviour. The dedication to fabrication standards, quality control, and transportation all show the personal responsibility our team takes for delivering great projects.


The Right Product

Structural WeldingSome people might think one type of steel is as good as another, but we believe that every aspect of our business must be carefully designed. We source responsible steelmakers that have the same dedication to quality as we do. Our team transforms this into practical applications using the latest in CNC equipment and welding and fabrication tools. Part of producing the best work is equipping our people with the means to be excellent, and our expanded shop is a testament to our commitment to producing leading structural steel. Our team has the capacity of producing approximately 1000 tonnes of steel products per month while maintaining the highest standards with StruMIS quality control software.


The Right Leadership

Our history is relevant to our future. The family values that built a dedicated team of craftsmen still guide our growth. Personal, approachable leadership was something we never compromised on because we know that open doors and friendly discussions are vital to building a great culture. We want everyone to feel valued in both opinion and effort, and this has given Northern Weldarc Ltd a foundation of loyal and satisfied employees.

Every project is important, big or small, and every customer matters, old or new. So every project is treated with the highest degree of respect. Our customers have come to rely on our work, and above all else, they value the attitude we bring to this industry.

We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and our commitment to customer satisfaction by monitoring our performance against our established objectives and through leadership that promotes employee involvement.

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