4 Things to Remember When Cutting Steel

August 09, 2016 | 0 comments
remember when cutting steel

Cutting steel is certainly not as easy as cutting wood. When it comes to cutting steel, stainless steel or any other kind of hard metal, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Safety is crucial for successful outcome of any of your project. While safety is obviously the number one priority, it is also important to follow guidelines when it comes to choosing the correct tools for the job.

It’s true that cutting steel can be intimidating, like anything else, with a little effort, time and the right tools, you can get good enough to tackle almost any project. Before you proceed with the cutting process, always ensure:

Appropriate Safety Gear:

You dramatically minimise your chances of incurring an injury during steel cutting process when you’re wearing the right safety gear. Make sure you’re wearing fire resistant jacket, safety glasses, welding gloves, an approved hard helmet and a pair of ear plugs. Additionally, you may also want to consider a magnifying lens that allows you to weld with or without glasses.

Saw Blade is Sharp:

When picking the saw blade for the job, be sure to select one that has a thin kerf, which makes steel cutting easier and faster. With less effort on your part, fast cutting blades are designed to get your job done in a jiffy. Moreover, pick a blade that minimizes the amount of flying dust and sparks in the air. This way you cutting process becomes safer, smoother and faster.

Saw tips You Pick are High-quality:

When you choose the right saw tips that are right for the job, this will help you make smooth cuts that resist the saw less and produce cleaner, more even finished product.

Use Appropriate Cutting Gel or Fluid:

You should use a cutting fluid or gel that will help smoothen out the movements of your cutting tool and give you a finer, better cut when appropriately done.

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