We are proud of the strong reputation we have earned as an industry leader in steel production. This has given us the privilege to provide our expertise on many large and exciting projects across North America.

The materials and products utilized by Northern Weldarc Ltd are controlled from receipt to shipping in order to ensure the highest quality for our customers. It is our goal to maintain customer contact through our internal sales staff to ensure the fulfillment of the client’s needs and requirements.

Jacobs Catalytic Syncrude - Pipe Supports
City of Edmonton NW Campus Police Station
Cenovus Projects (a)
Narrows Lake (J20519) -c
Syncrude Canada - VE-1 Project (b)
Flint Energy (URS) Project
Stud Welding in Detail (Silver Concrete -a)
Ladders and Embedded L-Bars - Silver Concrete Projects
FMC Energy - Coal Mine Project (c)
FMC Energy - Coal Mine Project (a)
Ladders and Handrails - Christina Lake Projects (b)
Fluor Daniels ACJX - Shell Expansion Platform
Muskeg River Contractors - Muskeg River
Fluor Daniel - LP7 Union Carbide
Cord Projects - Black Rock
Monad Contractors - Petro Canada
Encana Oil & Gas - Christina Lake
Cenovus Energy - Foster Creek Phase 1F &1G
Cenovus Energy - Narrows Lake Phase 1A
Fluor Daniel - Nova Joffre
Fluor Canada - ACJV Shell Expansion
Jacobs Catalytic - Syncrude
Jacobs Engineering - BP Empress
Jacobs Canada - Central Alberta Midstream
Encana Oil & Gas - Foster Creek
FMC Energy Systems - Genesee Phase 3

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