Applications of Structural Steel In The Oil And Gas Industry

June 23, 2017 | 0 comments
Applications of Structural Steel In The Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is highly demanding when it comes to the application of structural steel. Projects in the oil and gas facilities require a whole lot of structural steel products. Structural steel applications lie in the area of exploration and production, offshore, onshore, hydrocarbon processing industry. At Northern Weldarc, we provide structural steel solutions to many clients. Some of them are from the oil and gas industry as well. Some applications of structural steel in the oil and gas industry are listed below:


Structural steel is used in the production of offshore platforms. We adhere to international standards and norms for different types of offshore segments such as jackets, tripods, decks, and topsides.


Pipes and tubes are widely used in the oil and gas industry. Pipes are designed depending on the type of fluid to be carried. Pipelines are used to dig and transfer oil and natural gas. Structural steel fabricators produce pipelines for various oil and gas projects.

Hollow Sections

Hollow structural sections are used in many industries, and oil and gas is one of them. At Northern Weldarc we manufacture circular, square and rectangular hollow structural sections. We follow standard industry grades for dimensions of these structures.

Beams and Girders

Steel beams and girders are another type of steel sections commonly used in the oil and gas industry. All steel girders are beams but all beams are not girders. Large beams which horizontally support a structure are girders.

General Applications

Structural steel products are widely used in every stage of various oil and gas projects, from refining to production to processing and distribution. Some common areas where structural steel is used in the oil and gas industry are crude oil refining, natural gas processing, gas pipelines, gas transport and storage, natural gas processing and hydrogen generation.

We have some of the finest structural steel fabricators who are equipped to fulfill all your fabrication requirements. Reach out to us at Northern Weldarc to know more about our services.

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