Applications of Metal Fabrication Across Various Sectors

August 21, 2017 | 0 comments
Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the process of creating machines and structures from raw metal materials. Metal fabricators cut, bend, burn, weld, and assemble metals. Let it be any industry metal fabricated products, they are a necessity. Metal fabrication is widely used across various industrial sectors such as mining, construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, and energy.


Most architects and engineers prefer using steel and fabricated steel products. Metal fabricators produce various steel sections such as steel beams, girders, ladders, handrails, and platforms which are used to create the basic structure for buildings, bridges, warehouses, and all kinds of megastructures. At present, it is nearly impossible to imagine the construction industry without metal fabrication.


Aerospace engineering involves designing and producing all kinds of aircraft from commercial flights to sophisticated defense aircraft for the Canadian Air Force, Navy, and Army. These flights are produced using metal fabrication. At every stage of production, metal sections are fabricated, assembled and integrated. Metal fabrication is also used in the production of spacecraft.


Metal fabrication is also used in the energy sector which comprises of oil and gas companies, wind energy companies, nuclear energy companies and solar power generation companies. Some of the products used in these industries are oil and gas wells and platforms, pipelines, electricity power turbine components, wind turbines, transmission towers, electromagnets, transformer cores, and electromagnetic shields. All these products are produced using metal fabrication.


Steel is integral to the mining industry as it is in a way a byproduct of mining. But the core mining process involves a lot of machinery and tools which are produced using metal fabrication. Equipment used in mining are draglines, trucks, loaders, and shovels. All these equipment are produced using fabricated steel sections. Steel sections used in mining are rails, beams, rods, grading, pipes, and fittings.

Ship Building

The shipbuilding industry heavily uses metal fabrication products in various equipment. Some of the major industry products include steel flooring and grating, ladders, steel sheets for hulls, conveyance tubing, stairs, and platforms. Metal fabrication is also used in the repair and maintenance of ships and in the military sector as well.

These were a few applications of metal fabrication across various industrial sectors. At Northern Weldarc, our team of experienced and licensed metal fabricators has worked on all kinds of projects. Most of them have been for the energy sector companies and construction companies. You can browse through our past projects to get an idea about our services and expertise.

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